A Little Entertainment

Hahahaha. just to show you how weird/hilarious my brothers are. Continue reading



Just spent 2 weeks in various cities throughout Europe. It was unforgettable. Europe is truly remarkable. I could see myself living in either Barcelona or Rome. Although through it all I’ve learnt that England has become home for me. A good thing? For now, yes. I suppose it’s quite nice having 2 different places to call home… Continue reading



The security of living your life comfortably, with people you’ve always lived your life around, kind of makes you numb to the beauty of solitude. Being “alone” somewhere is quite often seen in a socially negative light. Even moreso, the initial perils of being in a foreign country “alone” is one of the most intimidating ideas ever. I guess you never realize how fulfilling it can be to be on your own until you’re thrown into an experience where you have to be, quite simply, on your own.  Continue reading