To My Christian Friends Who Side With Israel


I would like to apologize in advance if this post comes off as angry. But I’m angry. I’m angry at all this unfair bloodshed and I’m angry at feeling betrayed by fellow Christians. I’m angry at ignorance. I’m angry at propaganda that shoves misconstrued realities down peoples’ throats.

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First Time in Palestine

Note: We left the same day that the issues started in Palestine (Israel vs. Gaza) as well as in Jordan (protests over massive increase of gas prices, which led to dissent against the king). In other words, we had no idea we’d be going at the same time as these problems. If we had known we probably would’ve postponed our trip. However, I’m really thankful to have been there at that time because it exposed me to so much of which I would have otherwise been oblivious. Continue reading

Observations on the Generosity of Arabs

I made a friend the other day. I passed by a Muslim girl who was eating alone by some trees in an isolated area (who later told me she doesn’t eat in public because someone once told her she looked ugly when she ate. We’re working on changing that…), and as I walked past her I felt like I needed to turn around and talk to her. So… I did. She didn’t know anything about me, aside from the fact that I was this weirdo intruding upon her privacy, but immediately she offered me her lunch. She insisted I take it despite my polite and persistent refusal.
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Aching for England

The more time that passes, the more I’ve come to find, that I seem to have left my heart in England.

Is it possible or even normal to be so torn between two countries? My home is here; my family is here; my old friends are here; my church is here; my childhood is here; my life is here. I love America. Absolutely privileged to call this country my home. Continue reading

Peace Out, UK

Wow. This is it, then. Leaving England in only a few hours.

I still remember the day I got the email about this opportunity. I remember where I was and my exact reaction – excitement at the prospect but then reality sunk in: it almost seemed too good to be true; there were too many things standing in the way; there was no way a girl like me would ever do something like this; money?; too far-fetched of a dream. Continue reading

Easter in Romania

Yesterday, Monday, my friend’s awesome dad took us out to show me more of Romania. It was awesome. This is what I did/saw:

-We passed through some of the villages which are AWESOME! Everyone lives old-school style and is SUPER friendly. Literally everyone, from babies to teens to parents to grandparents, were dressed in traditional Romanian clothing and were on their way to church for the-day-after-Easter celebrations Continue reading


Just spent 2 weeks in various cities throughout Europe. It was unforgettable. Europe is truly remarkable. I could see myself living in either Barcelona or Rome. Although through it all I’ve learnt that England has become home for me. A good thing? For now, yes. I suppose it’s quite nice having 2 different places to call home… Continue reading



The security of living your life comfortably, with people you’ve always lived your life around, kind of makes you numb to the beauty of solitude. Being “alone” somewhere is quite often seen in a socially negative light. Even moreso, the initial perils of being in a foreign country “alone” is one of the most intimidating ideas ever. I guess you never realize how fulfilling it can be to be on your own until you’re thrown into an experience where you have to be, quite simply, on your own.  Continue reading