For the Indifferent

One emotion overtook me on Friday, the Supreme Court’s gay-marriage landmark decision day: no emotion. Well, not entirely true. Confusion. I was mostly confused. I know what Christians are supposed to believe. I know what the Bible teaches. But my mind is racked with so many questions, and they aren’t new ones. But why…? But what about…? But is this fair…?
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What’s Wrong With My Desires?


A couple weeks ago I was talking to my brothers about why we as humans are so unhappy. One of them opined that the issue is rooted in our desires: we expect too much out of things and of people. Those things and people never deliver, and thus we’re left disappointed and unsatisfied. So, the proposed solution would be to lower our expectations or stop desiring things that won’t meet them. Continue reading

Why You’re Not the Only One Who Gets Depressed

One thing that’s been crushing me lately is the reality of humanity’s brokenness around me. By brokenness I’m referring to despair and depression. Sadness and strife. Helplessness and hopelessness.

Everyone is miserable. Everyone harbors inner grief and turmoil. The most polished and perfected of us. The most successful. The most content, the happiest, the funniest, the kindest hearted. But we don’t always see others’ battles behind closed doors, the bottles lying on their bedroom floors, the weeping and sobbing that shake them to their core.  Continue reading

What Does Being “Justified” Really Mean…?

The cross of Christ accomplished so much.

Forgiveness, justification, righteousness, sanctification, adoption, deliverance, atonement, reconciliation, redemption, liberation… etc…etc…

Now, these are all really big “Christian” words, but when dissected, they have really big meanings. However, while each of these accomplishments are incredibly crucial and equally as important, I feel as though there is a frequent tendency for us to confuse them together, and a failure to understand & appreciate the significance of each one individually. Continue reading