“Ex Libris” by Anne Fadiman

ex libris

“Ex Libris” by Anne Fadiman (1998)

This review is posted under “Memoir,” but Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader isn’t memoir. Where memoir often attempts to bring healing or closure to part of an author’s past, Ex Libris provides general commentary on the life of a book addict. This is a collection of short essays about books, each one weaving a bit of Anne Fadiman’s story into it. Continue reading

"Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading" by Maureen Corrigan

Maureen Corrigan is a book critic for NPR’s Fresh Air, a book reviewer and writer for The Washington Post’s Book World, an English professor at Georgetown University, and has an English/literature Ph.D. from an Ivy League. What does all of that mean? 1) She has the coolest job(s) in the world, and 2) she has read an insane amount of books.
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