About Me


Aside from the fact that I am a flower, I guess what you should know about me is why I’m so crazy about Jesus and books.

I grew up as a Christian. What that looked like in reality was that I didn’t know God, I didn’t love God, and I didn’t want to. What I was doing, however, was checking off every box on The Good Girl’s Guide to Fooling the World Into Thinking She’s Good. My heart was black as tar but my portrait was golden.

All of that changed in college when Jesus started giving me new sight and, more importantly, new desires – to see him, to want to see him; to know him, to want to know him. Since then, my Christian journey has been like little shards of stained glass: sharp and shattered, broken and scattered, piecing together to reflect the beauty of his light. With each passing year of knowing Jesus, my “good girl” garments are unraveling and exposing the person I really am: poisonously polluted by pride, deeply stained with sin, defenselessly lain before God as a filthy rag. And yet each passing year also brings greater knowledge of, assuredness in, and love for Christ’s righteousness, lived and died and living on my behalf. His blood bought my spotless, sinless, sanctified standing before God!

Books have been to me a necessary part of life. I was born with a love for them in my blood; there’s no other way to explain it. Fiction has taught me everything I know about the world and about people whose backgrounds are far removed from my own. Really good fiction helps me see the the dark depths of humanity’s brokenness and the hopeful realities of redemption. Nonfiction has expanded my understanding of God and stirred in me greater passions to draw nearer to him.

I’d love for you to contact me if you have any questions, want to discuss something, or want to recommend any good reading material (I’d love you forever!!!!). You can email me at roniareadsandwrites@gmail.com, or find me on Twitter and Instagram as @roniareads.