Read Better This Year [Links]

read better this year

One of my favorite things about the end of the year, aside from peppermint bark/peppermint mochas/peppermint everything, is the vast array and never-ending expanse of “best of” lists. I’m thinking about one type in particular:

If you’re like me, reading these “Best Books” lists makes you feel an equal amount of excitement (these look so good!! I need to read them all!!!) and the opposite of excitement (I have wasted so much time not reading this year).

There is yet hope: being a disciplined reader is very well possible. I won’t attempt to tell you how, because lately I haven’t been one. I wish I could use the excuse of having had a very constraining past 15 months, which is true, but I can’t because it’s still an excuse. I’m still guilty of succumbing to the sound of Sirens that serenade me with songs of instant gratification and superficial satisfaction. This submission has subsequently led me farther away from focused and disciplined reading.

So, instead, I wanted to share some links I found particularly helpful. There are a ton of these articles out there, but these are some I’ve come across recently and liked due to their honesty, practicality, relate-ability, and insistence upon discipline. (The first two are written by the same person, but have slightly different insights.) If you’re also aiming to be a better reader this year, I hope one or all of these could be of some benefit to you.

(Click the images below for their respective articles:)



why cant we ready anymore

how we can read again.png

how to read more

reading isnt a race


Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Read Better This Year [Links]

  1. peter says:

    joe rigneys things of earth looks pretty good

    and ive checked out DA Carsons new NIV study bible (one reason its cool is because its in color ;)


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