To My Christian Friends Who Side With Israel


I would like to apologize in advance if this post comes off as angry. But I’m angry. I’m angry at all this unfair bloodshed and I’m angry at feeling betrayed by fellow Christians. I’m angry at ignorance. I’m angry at propaganda that shoves misconstrued realities down peoples’ throats.

I am aware that most of the Christians I know are westernized, and thus, like myself, have been raised with Zionistic, anti-Islamic viewpoints. But I hope that if nothing else, then through this blog post you would at least consider the other side: there are Christians who love Jesus as much as you do, they’re Palestinian, and they can’t support what Israel is doing.

I’m not an expert on this topic, and I don’t claim to have an expert understanding of it. All I have is personal experience, personal study, and personal conviction. I really appreciate you taking the time to hear me out.

I’d like to jog your memory for a brief moment. Would that be alright?

Once Upon A Time


There once was a group of people who received a vast, incredible, favorable, generous, undeserved promise from their leader. It was free, but it was contingent upon their cooperation. They didn’t cooperate; they couldn’t. They lost their rights to this promise.

Out of kindness and love for his people, their leader decided to buy this promise back for them, with a purchase that was sealed in blood. Irrevocable.

But, there were new stipulations: this promise was not only for them anymore. It was extended to anyone who received it! The blood that purchased this promise dripped down and stained the lines that divided this old people group from the world, until everywhere was red. All people were made favorable.

The Promises


1. In the OT, God promises to bless his chosen people & send his spirit.


1) Land. Gen 12:1

2) National. Gen 12:2

3) Spiritual. Gen 12:3

More on spiritual: Joel 2:28-32 // Isa 44:3-5 // Isa 32:15-17 // Ezk 36:26-27

2. Thanks to the cross, it is now those of FAITH – believers in Christ – who are considered sons of God.

See: Matthew 3:9 // Romans 9:6-8 // Galatians chapters 3 & 4

3. Because they are sons, they are now HEIRS to the promise. They are grafted in and are the “chosen.” It is no longer only blood children of the flesh who are chosen. 

See: Galatians chapters 3 & 4

(For more on this, see links below.)

On Islam



As mentioned earlier, I believe one of the main reasons the West is so quick to side with Israel is because of their perception of Islam. Sure, Christians don’t and shouldn’t agree with what Islam teaches. I’m with you. But I’m not with you when you view the Middle East as “Islam” instead of as being comprised of “people who are Muslim” (oh, and Christians. Arab Christians! Imagine that). These “people who are Muslim” are still people and loved by God and deserve life just as any of us deserve life.

“Hamas and other terrorist organizations are bad.” If Hamas is considered a terrorist group, then Israel must be considered a terrorist country. By the FBI’s definition, terrorism “involve[s] acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law.” Sounds like both sides. But who started it? Why does Hamas feel the need to shoot puny little rockets in the first place? Because of the impudent occupation that has so savagely dehumanized Palestinians, and because of the Israeli government that has so viciously violated – and violates – almost every UN regulation and international law code. The rockets don’t come because of anti-semitism or terroristic motivation. They come because of oppression. 

Hamas is a political party in Palestine with a militant branch. You know how other countries have unified armies and militaries and stuff? Palestine doesn’t. Hamas is a resistance movement. That must mean there is something wrong occurring that requires resisting (read: the occupation). Their mission to “obliterate Israel” is not justified. But neither is Israel’s mission to obliterate Palestine.

Israel has no right, as the occupying force, to terrorize and take the lives of thousands of innocent Palestinians under the guise of “defending themselves against Hamas.” That is baloney, it doesn’t make sense, and nobody with a working brain can really fall for that. Look at the numbers! (Side note: if Israel is on the defensive, then my understanding of the terms “defense” and “offense” has been terribly, horribly misunderstood all this time. But that’s topic for another discussion.)

Bottom Line (But There Really Is No Bottom Line)


I was raised under the belief that Israel belonged to the Jews. And I’m Palestinian. All my life, I believed it. In fact, several of my family members still believe it. It’s there, in the Bible! It’s prophesied about! Then I went to Palestine (thank you, KTH 2013) and had my whole world turned upside down.

Whoah… how in the heck could God REALLY support the injustices and wrongdoings of Israel because of a promise he made way back when which has now been fulfilled in Jesus for all people and not just Jews alone? Jesus changes everything! He HAS to have changed everything! How could he say there is now no distinction between Jews and non-Jews and still create a distinction by favoring them over Palestinians? It doesn’t add up!

And it doesn’t, my friends. It just doesn’t add up. The cruelty, the unfairness, the deaths, the depression, the fighting, the divisions, the anger, the bitterness. I physically get sick to my stomach every day that I read a new article, watch a new video, browse the Internet’s comments and opinions. I don’t like who I become when my anger wells up at all of this. But there’s no way to know and not feel.

More than that, I don’t like that this situation is so messy. I wish we could just solve it like a crossword – enter in the letters accordingly as each new answer reveals itself, neatly, completely.

I know both sides are suffering, and I don’t discredit that. I don’t mean to pit anyone against Israel. I just really desire that Christians would educate themselves and know the other side. If you can’t visit the land yourself, at least expose yourself to the stories of the people who are there. Listen, watch, read their realities. Study. Pray. And pray pray pray pray pray.


For more, please see:

Desiring God: “Israel, Palestine and the Middle East”

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Desiring God: “Israel, Arabs, and the Family of God”

The Gospel Coalition: “Israel, Gaza, ‘Divine Right,’ and John Piper”

+972 Mag: “An Open Letter to Evangelical Supporters of Israel”

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