Easter in Romania

Yesterday, Monday, my friend’s awesome dad took us out to show me more of Romania. It was awesome. This is what I did/saw:

-We passed through some of the villages which are AWESOME! Everyone lives old-school style and is SUPER friendly. Literally everyone, from babies to teens to parents to grandparents, were dressed in traditional Romanian clothing and were on their way to church for the-day-after-Easter celebrations

Drove through the gorgeous countryside (I mean unbelievably gorgeous) and saw the mountains in Ukraine! I even got a text message from my cell phone provider saying “Welcome to Ukraine”… does that count as me having visited that country?

Visited the Orthodox Monastery/Nunnery. It was actually beautiful, there were several different buildings dispersed through the land and there were hundreds of people outside centered around the priest doing whatever he was doing

Visited the house Eli Wiesel was born and raised. (If you don’t know him, you probably didn’t read the assigned Holocaust book ‘Night’ in high school.) Yes, he is Romanian, and was taken by the Nazis to Poland, where he experienced everything he wrote about in his book

Visited the Communist Prison Museum. Absolutely heart-wrenching. During their reign in Romania, the Communists imprisoned thousands of absolutely innocent people, mainly the country’s intellectuals who were a threat to the Communist punkheads.

Went to “The Happy Cemetery,” or directly translated as “The Merry Cemetery.” Everyone buried there has a humorous poem about their life written on their gravestone.

Needless to say this country is incredibly rich in history and culture. Not to mention has some of the most stunning views I have ever seen. Love, love, love it. God bless Romania :)

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